Currency: Mozambican metical (MZN) is Mozambique’s currency.

Official Languages: Portuguese is the official language

Visa: Needed

Independence:Independent from Portugal on 25.June 1975

Religion: The 2007 census found that Christians made up 56.1% of Mozambique’s population and Muslims comprised 17.9% of the population. 7.3% of the people held other beliefs, mainly animism, and 18.7% had no religious beliefs.

Souvenirs: Wood carvings, There are two different kinds of wood carvings. Shetani, (evil spirits), which are mostly carved in heavy ebony, tall, and elegantly curved with symbols and nonrepresentational faces. The Ujamaa are totem-type carvings which illustrate lifelike faces of people and various figures. Theses sculptures are usually referred to as “family trees” because they tell stories of many generations.

Best Time to visit: Mozambique has a warm tropical climate which makes it a wonderful holiday destination. The dry season is considered to be the best time to visit Mozambique and is the peak tourist season. Between June and September are the best times to take a trip. Mozambique offers different things to travellers. Although diving is possible all year round your experience may depend on the weather. The windiest months are February and August and this will affect visibility during dives. Game fishing takes place all year round, but September is a great month for King Fish and is the end of the Sail Fishing season.

Area: 801,590 km2

Population: 25 millions (2014, estimate)

Density: 28,7 per square kilometer

MaTakaTaka Top 5 places to visit:
1. Bazaruto Archipelago NP
2. Gorongosa N.P.
3. Niassa Reserve
4. Quirimbas National Park
5. Maputo Special Reserve (Maputo Elephant Reserve)